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01.02.2023 Version 1.40.
  • Bugs fixed.
  • After entering numerical values, press the "Enter" key.
  • Added the ability to change the shape after rotation.
21.07.2022Version 1.37. Added save frame.
18.07.2022Version 1.36. Added proportional resizing of the background image.
14.07.2022 Version 1.35.
  • Added getting GIF from images, setting and resetting default shape properties.
  • Easier to specify rotation angle.
  • Improved help and site.
01.05.2022Version 1.30. Added save to AVI.
31.03.2022There was a forum.
23.03.2022Version 1.27. Added extraction of selected frames only. Improved folder selection for extracted frames.
22.03.2022Version 1.26. Added a progress indicator for changing the number of frames.
21.03.2022Version 1.25. Fixed work with coordinates and added copying and pasting of coordinates.
13.04.2021Version 1.23. Added mouse resizing of the frame.
30.03.2021Version 1.19. Fixed image rotation and BMP loading.
22.03.2021 Version 1.17.
  • Added text rotation.
  • Fixed background image display.
  • Removed the GIF recording from the video and the "Part of Ellipse" shape.
27.02.2021Version 1.09. Fixed opening and saving GIF, working with shapes.
23.02.2021Help has been added to the site.
09.02.2021Version 1.03. Fixed project opening.
06.02.2021Version 1.02. Fixed GIF display, storage of copied and deleted shapes.
29.01.2021Version 1.00.

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