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Working with Shapes

The buttons for working with shapes are on the "Editing" tab at the top:

Working with Shapes

To create a shape, click the corresponding button. When creating an Image shape, You need to select an image file. If You select a GIF file, the animation frame will correspond to the GIF frame.

The animation frame image is located on the "Editing" tab, under the buttons for working with shapes. The selection of shapes occurs on the frame image as follows:

When selected, the shape has nodes in the form of squares associated with the coordinates.

Selected shapes and their nodes can be dragged with the mouse.

Selected shapes can be copied to memory, pasted from memory, deleted, cut (copied and deleted), and moved to the back and front.

When one shape is selected, its properties appear to the right of the frame image.

To set the properties of the shapes when creating them, click Default Properties.

To set the initial values for the properties of the shapes when creating them, click Reset Properties.

For copy, cut, paste and delete operations, you can right-click in the frame image and select an operation or press the corresponding keys on the keyboard:

Shape Operations

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